Matthew M. Williams 曝光全新 1017 ALYX 9SM 机能手环
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由 Matthew M. Williams 所主理的 1017 ALYX 9SM,凭藉独树一帜的战术机能美学而成功在时尚圈立足,不过要说到最为人津津乐道的设计就一定非其灵感源于过山车安全带及军事 Cobra 腰带的快拆机能腰带 Rollercoaster Belt。在今年的 Copenhagen Fashion Summit 内,品牌主理人 Matthew M. Williams 就曝光了 Rollercoaster Belt 的进化小物,将快拆腰带的设计移植到手环之上,整个采用铝合金制成,外形上贯撤了 Matthew M. Williams 所祟尚的高机能设计风格。据悉手环还在开发阶段,因此尚未有任何发售情报释出,有兴趣的朋友请密切留意 HYPEBEAST 的后续报导。

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Been wanting to show you this development for a minute. I’m really pleased with how these turned out. ?⛓?

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We are excited to present our block chain pilot project with @averydennison at the @copenhagenfashionsummit.  The project is now on view in the Design Studio Workshop at the summit. Visitors can scan the individually unique QR code on the garment’s label to trace its journey within the supply chain and verify that the garment is authentic. Block chain technology is the future for effective brand protection, supply chain traceability and having a transparent dialogue with our customers.

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